I remember my mom painting instead of sleeping. Her hands constantly smelled like baking mixed with a strong smell of ink. She created the smell of my life story.
It didn't take much time until I realized I need to use this ability she passed to me- visualize any thought and idea that I have. My inspiration comes from reality and life. Things that I see, read, and hear. I literally create because of you. Stranger's life stories, beliefs, and religions, articles, poetry, music, and opinions.
I consider myself courageous, and I am never afraid to take on any subjects, materials, dimensions, mediums, as long as the outcome will make my viewers feel and think.

I am an Israeli visual artist and illustrator- everything I know and achieved is because of life and my strong hunger for knowledge.
Worth mentioning:
* Commissioned illustrator for Israel’s largest newspaper (Yediot Ahronot) front and center pages.
* Art for musicians (Advertisement, GIFs, art for CDs and vinyl. 
*Book art for the Columbia University (NY) Press.
*illustrator and visual artist of the International academic research- University of Luxembourg and Harvard, creation of tailored illustration and visuals (for the period of 7 years).
* A’ Design Award (Italy) winner for the art and design project “Selfish”. The project is presented at the Israeli embassy in New Delhi, India, at the personal request of the Israeli Cultural Attaché

* Participation in multiple exhibitions and art projects in Israel (Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Holon), Italy (Como, Venice), United States (Washington DC, New York), Japan, China, and Columbia”

*Member of the Jury in A’ Design Award and Competition in 2019

*Creator, founder, and member of multiple activist art projects addressing equal rights (US and Isreal), fight against slavery (Columbia), fight against women trafficking (Israel and US), fight for women rights, and against violence towards women (Israel and US)

*Founder and center of an international art project called “Sketchbook” involving over 80 artists and creators from all over the world

*Teaching analog collage technique. Lecturer on the topic of the visual effect of correct design. Teaching how to analyze text and convert it to visual creation.

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