While making art, to my understanding,  is a one-sided process, the viewer takes a passive role by observing and reacting to the artist’s emotions and technic, I was eager to create a different setting. My aim was to change the roles of "viewer-creator" according to my correspondent's decision. On the 28th of March 2018, I published an open call to create sketchbook art with me. At first, I was aiming for 25 correspondents, but the response to the open call was overwhelming, so I found myself creating dozens of different, one-of-a-kind, tailor-made, sketchbooks for whoever wished to create with me and influence my art by making art. Any kind of art.  The collective was me, as the sender and starting point, to tens of people all over the globe. My recipients, artists, and nonartistic people (medical fields, mental health, poets and writers, musicians, sportspeople, law and informant people, architects, etc) never knew about each other’s existence, creative process with me, nor did they never saw each other’s creations. Sharing secrets, struggles, fears, and dreamsI was touched and humbled by this tremendous humaneness and large scale of compassion expressed through art. Due to a lack of resources, I had to freeze the project. Project duration: March 2018- February 2019

I just realized a tremendous unknown-hidden part of my correspondent life- Should I stop the correspondence?

My correspondent decided to sew the sketchbook cover. to make it harder for me to open it. I felt like I was handling stitched wound, trying to do no harm while opening the wound. I struggled with it for a while.

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